Southern Bolting Equipment is proud to offer products from the leading manufacturer of pneumaticbattery powered and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches, New World Technologies, Inc.'s RAD® Torque Systems.  These advanced products have proven to be successful all over the world in such industries as oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, aerospace, and manufacturing.  New World Technologies continues to invest in and employ the latest technology to achieve the highest level of innovation, quality and performance - which has resulted in multiple patents for their products. 

In addition to maintaining all the above equipment in house, we also have on site repair and calibration facilities of hydraulic torque wrenches, clicker style torque wrenches, RAD pneumatic torque wrenches, pumps and lastly gauge calibration from
0-15 PSI units up to 0-10,000 PSI.

Equipment Capabilities

  • Every size of Square Drive Hydraulic Torque wrenches from 20 ft. lbs.(1/2" sq. dr.) up to 53,000 ft. lbs. (2-1/2" sq. dr.)  We actually have 3 each of these monster 50's!  Plus accessories, i.e., ALCO arms, and direct hex drives for socket head cap screw work.

  • Every size Low Clearance Hydraulic Torque wrench from a #2 with a 15/16" Hex Link up to #30's with 6-1/8" Hex Links, plus accessories.

  • Pneumatically driven hydraulic torque wrench pumps

  • Electrically driven hydraulic torque wrench pumps

  • Every Size RAD tool from the small 3/4" Drive 350 ft. Lb. units up to the 1-1/2" dr. 85's which achieve 8,500 Ft. Lbs., plus deep well reaction arms if needed. (Perfect fin-fan tool!)

  • Clicker Wrenches: 250's, 400's, 600's and 1,000 Ft. Lb. units

  • Every nominal socket size from 1/2" Drive through 2-1/2" drive, the largest being 6-1/2" and every nominal size deep well socket from 3/4" dr. up through 1-1/2" dr. to 4-5/8" across the flat.  We also do have a few 2-1/2" dr. deep wells in stock.

  • Hammer wrenches  1-1/4" through 6-1/8"

  • Piper Back up tools from 1-1/4" through 5-3/8" and one set of Lokrite's.

  • Stud Removers for removal of studs sizes 5/8" though 4" diameter studs.  You tube video of one of our stud removers in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syd_4dKqcNs

We also have local access to every size Tensioners needed