We are proud to announce Southern Bolting Equipment Inc. is now a stocking distributor for rental and sales of Curtiss-Wright EST Group's GripTight Isolation tools!  We are constantly adding to our stock but currently stock every standard size GripTight Double Block and Bleed that cover pipe sizes from 3/4" sch. 40 & sch. 80 up to 12" sch. 40 & sch. 80.

GripTight technology allows an isolation tool to remain inside a pipe with upstream pressures from 1,440 PSI!  This is in comparison to standard double block and bleed tools that are rated at only 10-25 PSI!  Grip Tight Hydro test plugs are rated at 15,000 PSI.

Recently Curtiss-Wright EST Group came out with a new product called GripTight® Elbow Test Plug!  It is a revolutionary plug designed for testing long radius elbow weld connections in pipelines, pipe spools, and piping systems!